Academic Freedom

break out your badges and celebrate



12 February 2009

First celebrated on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin.

Let’s celebrate the right to debate and the right to debunk.

In recent years, the intolerant behaviour of modern evolutionists (as documented in the film Expelled) has caused Darwinism to become increasingly associated with attempts to stifle intellectual freedom. As a result, two leading pro-intelligent design (ID) organizations, The Discovery Institute and the Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Center, are reclaiming February 12, 2009, for those who love freedom by calling it “Academic Freedom Day.” Quote from Summit Ministries

Under threat from the proposed Australian Bill of Rights is our

  • Freedom to object.
  • Freedom to speak what we believe even without actually objecting.
  • Freedom to even believe differently otherwise we will be passed over and ignored and even persecuted.

Fundamental to the pro-life cause is our right to object and our right to be heard in the public square as Neuhas so eloquently wrote and the threat is now not only the right to be heard but even the right to speak our protest at the risk of litigation.

It includes our right to not abort our babies with congenital abnormalities at the risk of being labelled genetic outlaws; it includes the right for doctors not to kill the infirm or elderly without being labelled as “wicked” (Baroness Warnock); and it includes our right to even think differently to the scientific “establishment”.

For the preachers and teachers among you it is also relevant. Romans 1 will definitely be “out”.

Of related importance is the restriction to doctors liberty of conscience passed by the Victorian Parliament in October 2008 where they are compelled to be complicit in referral for abortion.

Links for those that receive as printed sheet:
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As of a decade later relevant to attempted debate on marriage, sexual orientation, and medical treatment for those wishing to transgender (pssst, don’t even think, let alone mention, climate change).